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Do you enjoy certain activities and wish you could do them better?

Many of us have hobbies or skills that we wish we could do better - and the Feldenkrais Method provides a wonderful resource for improvement.


The movement lessons that the Method offers are many and varied. When we learn to perceive movement from the perspective of the function or action it aims to achieve or do, then break it down into it’s smaller components, and perform these slowly, with a minimum of effort and a maximum of attention or awareness, we create an environment in which the nervous system can respond and reorganize to it’s natural level of maximum efficiency.


Many lessons have been created around activities such as yoga asanas, gymnastics, and martial arts movements, as well as running, walking - and as many again around very simple movement functions such as turning to look behind, sitting and reaching out for something, bending forward, and so on. A particular area of importance with the advent of computerization is the support that the method offers for the many of us who a required to use computers for long hours each day.

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