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Individual sessions -

  • Functional Integration© a Hands-On individual session - see below


  • Individual Online Awareness Through Movement - a verbally guided movement lesson just like a class lesson (see Classes & Workshops) but tailored and adapted to meet and work with your particular need. Sessions are 60 mins or, at my discretion, and if I feel I can help you in a shorter session, 40 mins. Fees are correspondingly reduced see below>


  • Somatic Counselling a body-based assisted inquiry that differs from any other kind of Counselling being primarily focused on the body and the felt sense. Especially helpful for long-standing issues, a session can illuminate the physiological patterns that can often underlie our postural and movement issues from the perspective of the body and the felt sense, rather than from mental understanding.

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Functional Integration© a Hands-On individual session

involves gentle physical contact and movement work, is a two-way neurological dialogue that re-educates the brain and the whole person where most of the session happens through touch and tactile, guided movement.


Helpful for conditions causing

  • chronic joint or musculo-skeletal pain - including back pain or neck pain
  • repetitive strain injuries - includes frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • injury where there is emotional trauma - stress
  • neurological disorders - includes stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis
  • rehabilitation, pre- and post-operative


Also for improving skills - such as

  • sports performance like running or horse riding or golf
  • playing musical instruments
  • gardening, or hiking, cycling - anything that requires a particular and especially repetitive use of the body
  • includes work-related skills like using a computer or other equipment




What happens in an 'FI'?

You are fully clothed -so loose fitting garments without belts/zips should be worn.

Each session is unique, and tailored to suit your individual needs.

We look at questions, eg what activities are limited and what would you like to do that you can't at present?

Then you are made as comfortable as possible on my special low wide table/mat. You are often lying sometimes sitting.

The remainder of the lesson is largely non-verbal and hands-on, using gentle yet precise non-invasive manipulation and touch.

My focus is on discovering your unique habits and patterns or organization in movement and in suggesting new ones. 

It is a journey of self-discovery where you are engaged and involved, you are encouraged to remain aware and pay attention to sensation and feeling throughout. This may happen mostly in silence, and there may be some verbal communicating focusing around the experience.

You are invited to notice how your body responds to the process, to say if you are experiencing increased pain or discomfort, (we can always change the working position) are experienced or to speak about anything arising that seems important. Learning happens best when you are comfy.

At the end you are brought into an upright position, you'll probably walk as this is a familiar movement pattern and helps your nervous system integrate the suggested new ways, and you may be given some movements to do at home to support the integration of the lesson.

Most people generally find the experience somewhere between extremely relaxing to completely life-changing, with improved range and ease of movement, and feeling better mentally and emotionally as well.


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How many and how often?

You can book a single session to try and this is the recommended way to begin.

I wouldn't expect that to be enough to give you lasting improvement, because this is not a quick fix. Because with Feldenkrais you are engaging in a learning process, you will be involved in that process, and as we know, learning anything takes time.

We would discuss your options at our first session.

Most usually, after about 12 sessions most people have found lasting improvement.

It is dependent on the length and severity of the presenting issue - the longer it's been there the harder it is to change the underlying patterns so yes, you've got it, you need more sessions. Conversely, the opposite applies. A new injury conversely, may need fewer sessions.

I may invite you to take a few sessions at almost daily intervals.This is a very effective way of working. I offer a discount if you book a block of 4 sessions or more over a 2 week period.

I may suggest you come weekly - this is more usual, and necessary for at least the first 3 sessions.

With long-term, chronic issues it may be best to come once a month but ongoingly.


The best results seem to occur when FI and ATM classes are combined over a period of time.

Working holistically the whole of you is taken into consideration. Practical things like finance and work committments are therefore included in our agreement about numbers and frequency of sessions. In addition, different people learn or improve at different rate, and have different aspirations. Like learning anything else, it takes time, energy and attention. You embark on a guided personal journey, and are supported through a process in order to get results.It can be a fulfilling and life-enriching experience.


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How much?

Fees - all are sliding scale

  • In-person first session £75- £65 sliding scale for 90 mins
  • In-person subsequent sessions £55-£45 for 60 mins or £75-£65 for 90 mins
  • Online session £55-£45 for 60 mins
  • Online session £40-£30 for 40 mins (subject to if I feel I can help you in a shorter session)
  • Blocks of 6 qualify for a 10% discount. see below
  • Blocks of 4 taken within a 2 week period qualify for a 10% discount
  • Cancellation rules apply to all sessions. see below
  • When you confirm attendance, this will be taken as your agreement that you agree to our Disclaimer, which essentially says that you participate at your own risk and that you are fully responsible for your own wellbeing. Please read our Disclaimer>


Bookings Terms

For all Individual Session Bookings

  • Discounts are available of about 10% on blocks of 6 or more sessions taken on a weekly basis, or on Intensives, 4 private lessons over a 2 week period, both of which are booked and paid for in advance or at the first session.
  • Student and low income Concessions are available - with written proof
  • Fees are due at the agreed appointment time, or the first appointment of a block booking, and can also be paid in advance. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer the fee is due prior to your session.
  • Changes or Cancellations policy - If you Cancel within 48 hours prior to your appointment you may have to pay in full for your appointment. I reserve the right to decide the amount due. If you Cancel Within 24 hours you will have to pay the full amount due. Alternatively, you can avoid having to pay for your Cancellation if you can Change your appointment for another mutually agreeable one within the next 7 days from the date of the one you cannot attend.
  • Missed appointments are treated as cancellations.
  • Late payments that I have to chase for are charged 10% extra



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Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format. By emailing us you can have your personal information corrected or removed from our records.

This website links to other sites - we aim to link only to sites that will respect your privacy.

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.



Indivdual lesson visitor


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"After weeks of stiff neck and shoulder pain I decided to try a 1 - 1 session by Zoom with Nikhila. I used to think the effect of 1 - 1 was all in Nikhila's hands which of course is partly true but I realise now that’s not the full story, it’s in something beyond the hands. My neck has released and the shoulder pain almost completely gone. As Nikhila guided me in tiny movements which were targeting the deeper layers of my problem I experienced not only the stiff joints and muscles relaxing but also the underlying emotional tensions releasing that had caused the problem in the first place. She guided me to work on how I was holding jaw, breath, even my tongue stiff as well as working directly on spine and neck/shoulders. I'm so grateful that it’s possible to continue sessions with Nikhila 1 - 1 in this period by Zoom as the world situation seems to amplify body tension so being able to have my own personal mind-body patterns disentangled week by week now is a more precious gift than ever!" E.F.


“I came to Nikhila for series of

1-1 FI sessions to see if she could help me with some long-standing chronic pain problems resulting from injury. Over the course of about ten years I had tried many types of physical therapy, and nothing seemed to help. I had gone past the point of despair many times when I finally discovered Feldenkrais, and suddenly it seemed like there was a way forward. I started with some one-to-one sessions with Nikhila, and straight away I found that my body had the potential to feel very different, to feel like it belonged to me again. I won't say it has been easy, but I have made steady progress through one-to-one sessions
and group classes, and have reached a place that I couldn't have thought possible 2 or 3 years ago. Feldenkrais has added a new dimension to my life and my way of thinking. I am really grateful to Nikhila for her sensitivity, and for her skill in working on complex
problems and treating the whole person, not just the injury.”


"Big thanks for our session, I immediately felt reconnected and energised - I am more back to myself, after as you know, weeks of dental treatment" Lynne


"I have been having a course of individual sessions with Nikhila and I cannot recommend the experience enough. Her wonderful and expert touch and soothing voice makes for an amazing healing experience. I loved the teaching combined with movement lesson. Very relaxing and I have experienced a huge shift in the way I deal with a chronic shoulder problem that seems to have virtually made it disappear in a few weeks." Harriet

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