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'Awareness Through Movement' (ATM)

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For April 2023 Classes are replaced by 3 mini-workshops the last one is Thursday 27 April

'Easier Twisting & Turning'

please scroll down to 'Workshops' section below


Weekly Online Classes - will resume on Thursday afternoons 3.15-4.30 pm during June

details to follow soon


Awareness Through Movement Online has really taken off around the world and. I hope you may join this one. The one disadvantage of not being in the same room together is given a run for its money by several significant advantages - there is very little screen time as you are mostly laying down with your eyes closed, you're totally in charge of your environment, it's temperature - and if you forgot your sweater, your socks, or your mat, you can just go get them. There's no travel time to consider and associated costs, probably decreasing your Carbon Footprint.

And, recordings are included ( not guaranteed) to attendees ie they are not intended in lieu of attending the series- but are suitable for attendees that have to miss the odd class.


How to book click here> which takes you to the Contact Me page, and please follow the instructions given there.

When you pay which confirms attendance - see our Bookings Terms> below - this is taken as your agreement that you agree to our Disclaimer>

When you pay please send me an email to ensure I have the right email address for you. This is important because I need to send you the Zoom Link - this happens on the day of the class and may only arrive about half an hour prior to the start of the class.


To SET UP YOUR SPACE you will need

  • Somewhere quiet and private in which you can lay down and spread yourself out easily
  • a mat to lie on PLUS one or two folded blankets/towels for props
  • A laptop on a chair positioned preferable at either your head or your feet - so that the camera makes you visible, (if you set up so that you can see your own mat on the screen, that will do it)
  • If you have to use a tablet, try to position it as if it were a laptop
  • Dress more warmly than you think



are normally held both ONLINE via Zoom and In Person -


3 Mini-Workshops on

Thursdays at 2.45 - 5.15 pm

13 April 'Better Bending'

20 April 'Happy Arms & Hands

27 April 'Easier Twisting & Turning'

Selected 'Awareness Through Movement' (ATM) lessons (more info about ATM here >)

are combined to offer a more in-depth experience on the given topic.

The only pre-requisites are that you can lay down on the floor comfortably, on your back, side or front (no-one seems to like laying on their front!) and that you can get up and down easily. If you are in persistent pain you will be advised to take a 1-1 Functional Integration first to assess the workshop's suitability for you. Having said that you can expect to experience lessened or resolved pain and easier freer movement from the workshops.


at Blacklers, Park Road, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6EQ

Cost: £30

Cost for all 3 workshops: £75


How to book click here>

- and follow instructions there. When you pay which confirms attendance - see our Bookings Terms> below - this is taken as your agreement to our Disclaimer>


You will need to bring your own floor mat plus one or two large bath towels/blankets.

Wear loose, ayered, clothing, dress warmly, and include socks and maybe mittens.

Our lessons are quiet and you will cool down rather than warm up.

And bring a drink - water or a thermos.



Those with persistent pain or injury should have at least one 1-1 'Functional Integration' lesson before coming to a class/workshop

So I can help you more - and will enhance the benefits of the groupwork, accelerating your learning, healing and improvement process

more info about Functional Integration and 1-1 ATM Online>


Get in Touch or To Book>


Bookings Terms


Please click here> for prices

Please click here> page for our bank details. We take cash or bacs transfers only


For all 1-1 lessons

are due prior to your appointment.


For Classes/Workshops bookings

due beforehand as they confirm your place.


Late Payments made after your booking has taken place that have to be chased: add £2.


Zoom Links

for 1-1 lessons up to 10 mins prior and

for classes/workshops up to 1/2 hour prior to the start of the class.

Missed classes are not transferable.

Where possible can be made up at other classes during the same block. Where possible recordings are supplied but not guaranteed


Discounts and Concessions

are often available - please ask, and are subject to documented proof of low-income or student status.


Workshop Cancellations

If made up to 7 days beforehand you will be refunded or alternatively the booking may be transferred to another workshop we offer, subject to our agreement and to places being available. Cancellations made less than 7 days before a workshop will be refunded 50% of fee paid IF more than 48 hours prior to start of workshop. Last minute cancellations 48 hours or less from the start of a workshop are not refundable


Signing our Disclaimer - applies to all Classes, Workshops & 1-1 sessions

Normally you sign in a form when you come for the first time.

In lieu, for Online classes/sessions, your payment and/or your booking acceptance will be taken as your agreement to the following:

"I understand that the Feldenkrais Method is intended as an instruction in the optimal use of the self. I realize that it is not a treatment for medical emergencies, and is not intended as a substitute for normal medical procedure suggested by a physician. I fully understand that nothing that may be told me by a practitioner in this field is a medical diagnosis, nor a substitute for a medical diagnosis, nor is it to be so considered by me. I understand that what I or other participants say during class is Confidential and agree to keep the Confidentiality. I accept that all reasonable care is taken, and that all activities are undertaken entirely at my own risk and no responsibility can be taken by the Practitioner for any loss or injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered. By taking part I accept responsibility for myself, my belongings, this includes my safety and well-being."


Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend a whole workshop and are not satisfied, the amount paid for your place on the workshop will be refunded in full.


Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.

By emailing us you can have your personal information corrected or removed from our records.

This website links to other sites - we aim to link only to sites that will respect your privacy.

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.




Class visitors




"What I got from your classes was relief from neck pain which used to disturb my sleep. The relief goes on!" Joyce M, counsellor

" I have been so vastly grateful for the online Feldenkrais classes Nikhila is offering. They have kept my whole system feeling ‘lithe’ and alive, resilient and … hopeful. They have nourished flexibility and a calmness inside. They resource my relationship to breath – which seems so vital in this pandemic. And every time they have lifted my spirits and a sense of possibility. I consider them a vital resource in this time of disconnect and worry (I have been sheilding for 3 months now). The method itself combined with Nikhila’s particular way of being and teaching, the very spirit of her work, fill me with deepest appreciation".
Jill L.

"You have a lovely and hypnotic voice. It's a pleasure to listen to" Wendy


"Thank you for today's lesson - I've been drawn to working with you for many months but live too far away and often work in London so it's always been too difficult to attend. Since todays class I have felt much taller and looser in my neck and shoulders - wonderful for me as this is where I hold on tight! I have also felt much calmer just being in the open honest envirnment you hold, albeit online and brief". Tracy


"ATM Gave me a feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation which stayed with me for days. It was as if my body had been taken apart and put back together, but in the right order. It was a great day." William


Thank you for introducing me to a body work method that makes so much sense!" M.Kaan


"I find the work totally amazing- I feel like my whole central nervous system is being re-wired.." Gretchen Faust, yoga teacher

"It's amazing how the body can change so much from lying on a floor making small gentle movements. My body is more relaxed with better posture and has become more interesting; my mind is no longer inclined towards extra effort. At both mental and physical levels Feldenkrais is so very helpful” Stefan Karpik


"Another wonderful workshop! I am so happy for all the new found movement in my body! I look forward to more!" Alicia G.

"when we were on holiday recently my husband injured his back. Thanks to all the sessions and classes I've had with you over the years, I was able to help him, and he was better within three days! a big thank you! it meant we could enjoy the rest of our holiday" Amanda C.


"I found the experience very relaxing, and I feel it's brought a new and more subtle awareness of my body which is very interesting. I appreciated your gentle manner too." 


"Thank you for your kind and powerful teaching" Sally W.

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