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'Awareness Through Movement' (ATM)

Classes & Workshops Schedule Spring/Summer 2020:

Now running ONLINE via Zoom - you are welcome to join us - pay by sliding scale fee

Classes are now available on a sliding scale fee - see below, in recognition that incomes are lower than usual at this time - but bodies go on, and need taking care of.

Either pay as you go - we now have paypal to make this really easy - or pay for a calendar month upfront and attend all classes offered in that time. (so for the price of one class you can get 3 classes)

Connection, and ways of feeling connected, are more important to us humans than ever before. As is care of our bodies. ATM is movement inquiry and naturally brings us closer to ourselves. In our Online Classes we are beginning with a short, timed sharing called Inquiry. This is an investigation of one's own personal experience focused on two questions provided, around relevant topics, for example, "Tell me how the feeling of Uncertainty is affecting you?" followed by eg "Tell me what you find can Support you in coping with Uncertainty? Essentially a listening practise, it allows each to speak and listen, exploring the polarities of the day's topic in a structured way. This process can help inspire, and support one another as it allows the hearing of one another's perspectives. It helps us become more present to ourselves, helps create connection, and readies us for the the ATM lesson. Do join us.


Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.45 am (no class 19 May)


Thursday evenings 5.45 - 6.30 pm (no class 21 May)


Saturday mornings 9.30-10.45 am (no class 16 May)

Saturdays will be a themed class the 'Jaw & Pelvis Connection' - see 'workshops' below

Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants

Cost: option 1) pay by class - sliding scale £12 - £5 for Tuesdays/Saturdays and Thursdays £5 - £7 (shorter class)

Or option 2) pay per calendar month £60-£50 sliding scale- and take as many classes as you like dated from when you pay. If you only want Thursdays class as its shorter £32 - £25/month and additional classes are then paid separately.

book & pay/contact> click this link to email me and send your payment, and I will send you joining instructions & link to the Zoom meeting room

see bookings terms>

Please note that classes are normally priced at £12 each or £9 when a block is purchased, and the discount prices available by the sliding scale fee is offered on a temporary basis.


For Online Classes you will need:
  • If this is your first class with me, please phone me - 10-15 mins the day before, so I know a bit about you, and any issues that you are hoping to improve.
  • A suitably quiet and private space in which you can lay down, a mat and blanket to lie on.
  • A laptop on a chair positioned so that the camera makes you visible, (if you set up so that you can see your own mat on the screen, that will do it)
  • If you have to use a tablet, try to position it as if it were a laptop
  • A sufficiently stable internet connection - it is possible to connect just by phone if you are a regular student
  • To arrange to be undisturbed by anyone/anything
  • To have sufficient warm clothing on/with you
  • You will be sent a link & instructions when you book
  • When you pay for a class, or confirm attendance, this will be taken as your agreement that you agree to our Disclaimer, which essentially says that you participate at your own risk and that you are fully responsible for your own wellbeing. Please have a look at our Disclaimer>


  • Zoom security: we do not make the link public it is made available upon payment and every student is known to us.


Can I book? What do we do there? What is it?

Find out more about Classes and Workshops here >


What you need to bring/wear: loose, warm, layered clothing, including socks and possibly mittens (definitely in winter). Bring a mat and a blanket/large towel. The mat is to lie on and the blanket is for use in various ways as support. Please bring both. Plus your drinking water.



Workshops for 2020

Saturday mornings 9.30-10.45 am from 30 May (no class 16 May)

'The Jaw / Pelvis Connection'

From 30 May our usual Saturday class will be a 4 week course, excerpted from my six hour workshop on this topic.

Cost: £30- £50 sliding scale fee. (if your'e already signed up for a month of classes you don't pay any extra)


When we get tense, tired, stressed or emotionally upset headaches and teeth-grinding are a common result.  Or lower back and pelvic pain (one of the most common causes of absence in the workplace).  True?  But why?  Is it only that we are so often trying to ’keep a good face’ when tricky things are happening in our lives?  Or that stress levels in modern lives are sky-high and burdening our systems too heavily?  In this workshop we’ll have an experiential look at our skeletal structure with a focus on exploring the

relationship between our jaw and the tensions, aches and pains in the rest of our body.  A  tense jaw increases the tonus of the musculature throughout the entire organism—and especially affects the pelvis.  
The Pelvis tends to mirror the skull and jaw just because of its location at the opposite end of the spine, and alimentary canal.  It can be very interesting to experience the Jaw-Pelvis relationship from an internal point of view which is what we will do, through

selected  Awareness Through Movement© lessons.   Dis-eases and ailments can loosely be boiled down to some form of contraction and when we learn to let go of the unnecessary and particularly the unconscious tensions and contractions we hold in our body then we can create the situation whereby our ailments can cease to be, maybe not instantly but gently, slowly over time.  The Pelvis and the Jaw have an interdependent or perhaps even co-dependent relationship. Our movements are organised and happen from the head downward, a biological design to help ensure our

survival in the world.  Yet there is a counter-organization coming from the feet, upward, and the pelvis acts as a power generator, transforming ground forces and generating both power for movement upward and, support through the spine for the entire upper body.  The head needs to be free—it houses our teleceptors, (eyes, ears, nose, mouth)— and can be thought of ideally as something of a periscope, strengthening our chances of surviving life’s challenges and joys by orienting us easily to food or to danger.  Our jaw and pelvis are inexorably linked.  We will  be exploring the neurological, physical, and emotional connections and relationships between these structures, which can be of particular benefit to those with jaw, pelvic , hip or sacroiliac pain, as well as to those with  TMJ, neck/ shoulder issues, teeth grinding, or headaches.


Set up you will need: as for Classes - detailed above.


If you have persistent pain or injury, at least one 1-1 'Functional Integration' lessons is recommended prior to attending workshops or classes. It just basically means I can help you more. An 'FI' or two will enhance the benefits of the groupwork. This will accelerate your learning, healing and improvement when you come to a Course, or Workshop.

more info about Functional Integration>


contact me for Booking>


Bookings Terms


for How to Pay for your Booking please go to Contact> page where you will find our bank details. All payments from 23.03.2020 by bank transfer only (due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Late payments are subject to a £2 admin fee.


1-1 Online Private ATM / Somatic Counselling sessions

Payments are due before your appointment. For prices please refer to Individual Sessions page.



Are normally priced at £12 with discounts for paying per block/half-block.

During the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 we offer a sliding scale.

Payment for Classe/Workshops is due beforehand, and for the block at the start.

Calendar month will start from the date of first payment.


To join for the very first time as a complete newcomer normally: you can always try one class any time - by arrangement. If you want to continue, it is best if you join the block, the price is discounted for this. Drop in is for those who have done 12 recent hours either in class, at workshops, or in 1-1 FI's, with me.

Signing our Disclaimer

Normally you fill in a form when you come for the first time. In lieu, for online classes/sessions, your payment and/or your booking acceptance will be taken as your agreement to this:

"I understand that the Feldenkrais Method is intended as an instruction in the optimal use of the self. I realize that it is not a treatment for medical emergencies, and is not intended as a substitute for normal medical procedure suggested by a physician. I fully understand that nothing that may be told me by a practitioner in this field is a medical diagnosis, nor a substitute for a medical diagnosis, nor is it to be so considered by me. While all reasonable care is taken, all activities are undertaken entirely at my own risk and no responsibility can be taken by the Practitioner for any loss or injury of any tupe, physical or otherwise, suffered. By taking part I accept responsibility for my own belongings, safety and well-being".


Discounts and Concessions

Use the sliding scale offered, but if you have lost your income due to Covid-19 you can attend classes for less.

Otherwise, Discount generally is available via utilising the earlybird booking offered, and on Workshops, one or two concessionary places are usually available, please ask - you will have to have proof of low-income or student status.


Missed classes normally please note these are the student's responsibility and the discounted block price reflects this. Where possible ie providing there is space and/or /they are running any missed classes can be made up at other classes during the same block. They can not be transferred forward.



Please call to book, advance payment is required to secure your place. Places are given in the order in which payments are received.

Cancellations & Transfers Policy - If you cancel up to 7 days before start date of a workshop you will be refunded less a £2 admin fee. Alternatively the booking may be transferred to the next scheduled workshop by agreement and subject to places being available.

Cancellations made less than 7 days before start date of a workshop will be refunded 50% of fee paid IF more than 24 hours prior to start of workshop, less £2 admin fee.

Last-minute cancellations at 24 hours or less prior to the workshop are not refundable. 



Participants are required to sign this disclaimer: Feldenkrais is intended as an instruction in the optimal use of the self, and is not a treatment for medical emergencies, nor is it intended as a substitute for normal medical procedure suggested by a medical physician. Therefore nothing in a class, workshop or one-to-one FI session is a medical diagnosis, or a substitute for a medical diagnosis.

Whilst all reasonable care is taken, all activities are undertaken entirely at the participant's risk and no responsibility can be taken by the practitioner or organiser (where different) for any loss or injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by any participant. By taking part each participant accepts responsibility for his or her own belongings, safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical advice before participating.


Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend a whole workshop and are not satisfied, the amount paid for your place on the workshop will be refunded in full.


Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.

By emailing us you can have your personal information corrected or removed from our records.

This website links to other sites - we aim to link only to sites that will respect your privacy.

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.




Class visitors



"I have been self-isolating for 3 weeks now, and will be up to three months. I have been so vastly grateful for the online/Zoom Feldenkrais classes Nikhila is offering. They have kept my whole system feeling ‘lithe’ and alive, resilient and … hopeful. They have nourished flexibility and a calmness inside. They resource my relationship to breath – which seems so vital in this pandemic. And every time they have lifted my spirits and a sense of possibility. I consider them a vital resource in this time of disconnect and worry. The method itself combined with Nikhila’s particular way of being and teaching, the very spirit of her work, fill me with deepest appreciation.  I intend to register for all the sessions she offers in this next phase of classes. "
Jill L.

"You have a lovely and hypnotic voice. It's a pleasure to listen to" Wendy


"ATM Gave me a feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation which stayed with me for days. It was as if my body had been taken apart and put back together, but in the right order. It was a great day." William


Thank you for introducing me to a body work method that makes so much sense!" M.Kaan


"I find the work totally amazing- I feel like my whole central nervous system is being re-wired.." Gretchen Faust, yoga teacher

"It's amazing how the body can change so much from lying on a floor making small gentle movements. My body is more relaxed with better posture and has become more interesting; my mind is no longer inclined towards extra effort. At both mental and physical levels Feldenkrais is so very helpful” Stefan Karpik


"Another wonderful workshop! I am so happy for all the new found movement in my body! I look forward to more!" Alicia G.

"when we were on holiday recently my husband injured his back. Thanks to all the sessions and classes I've had with you over the years, I was able to help him, and he was better within three days! a big thank you! it meant we could enjoy the rest of our holiday" Amanda C.


"I found the experience very relaxing, and I feel it's brought a new and more subtle awareness of my body which is very interesting. I appreciated your gentle manner too." 


"Thank you for your kind and powerful teaching" Sally W.

read more>


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