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Fees for Individual Lessons

STANDARD is the normal rate that you would normally pay

as from 1 March 2024


1-1 FI * £65 £60 £70
ZOOM 1-1 £60 £55 £65



When you book your first lesson we will agree on your fee level. This will remain the same for any subsequent lessons until such time either of us wishes to change it which would be done through a further conversation.


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Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.

By emailing us you can have your personal information corrected or removed from our records.

This website links to other sites - we aim to link only to sites that will respect your privacy.

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy.




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