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FREE Audio ATM lessons

Make your space so that you can lay on your back to start with - but have handy a folded towel or two to use as a head rest when on your side.


The Golden Keys of any Awareness Through Movement lesson are: Move with a minimum of effort - Pay Attention to your sensory experience - Seek smooth, light and easy movement and above all, Don't do Anything that Hurts (its simply not productive here) - and, Rest often.


Usually lessons begin with a few moments of laying on your back, so you should do this before you start - it is called a Scan, and is included in this first lesson.


Please note: these lessons are just samples, they are short recordings of live teachings and as such are not necessarily complete.

We provide audio recordings only as is traditional in The Feldenkrais Method. Every person is unique, the benefit is in the exploration and not in imitation of how another person does it.

Mistakes are an important part of any learning process.

"I don't demonstrate because it is important that a person understands, feels, does, judges, compares - and is their own judge and their own master. You are not going to learn from me - you are going to learn from yourself and I provide those conditions" Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Amherst, 9 June 1980.


Breathing to Balance & Relax the Nervous System

Length 25 mins

Position is laying on back


Lifting head on back w sternum, eye & elbow.knee variations

Length 28 mins.

Position is laying on back

Begin with a few minutes laying on your back, preferably laying flat, and scan your contact with the floor. Notice how your feet lie, which direction each points, Notice the length of each leg, Notice how your pelvis lies, your back lies, especially any spaces between them and the floor, the shoulders, arms, hands, head and neck. And the rhythm and flow of your breathing. All without doing anything to change or improve what you discover, just observing, sensing.

At the end have a walk about and see if you feel any differences in your movement or way that you feel.


On the side, Happier Shoulders & Hips

Length 12 minutes

Ultra-short and simple,, this lesson is done in sidelying position. The recording is for one side.

To do the second side, repeat the recording and reverse the right/left directions. Then it is 24 mins.

Begin with your Scan: Lie down on your back., Tune in and scan your contact with the floor, as for the previous lesson. Notice how you feel before you start the recording, so that you can compare when you rest or get to the end.

At the end have a walk about and see if you feel any differences in your movement or changes in the way you feel.



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Whilst all reasonable care is taken, all activities are undertaken entirely at the participant's risk and no responsibility can be taken for any loss or injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by any participant. By taking part of the above recordings, you accept responsibility for your own safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical advice before participating.


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