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Are you simply not getting any younger, and noticing you can't do quite what you used to do?

Ageing affects us all. Most of us nowadays are aware of the benefits of cultivating a healthy lifestyle - and yet, how many of us still find this a chore?

Our life force energy, full and vital in youth, becomes depleted as we grow older and many cultural habits tend to reinforce the downward spiral. However the direction of this spiral is by no means as inevitable as most of us tend to think it is.

Dr Feldenkrais was an accomplished martial artist and therefore really understood very well the concept of 'ki' or 'chi' or life force energy. His studies and experiences led him to understand that energy flows best when body organization is optimal. A well-organized body will tend to last alot longer, function better, and be much more enjoyable to live in than one that is less well-organized.

Consider a new-born baby, and how helpless he or she is. Human babies are born with very little 'built-in' or 'in-built' 'wiring' relative to most other species so almost everything has to be learned. The great news is that what has once been learned, can be relearned, at any time in life and, even more remarkably, what has not yet been learned can still be learned! - it is never too late to start.

By engaging in the 'somatic learning' offered through the Feldenkrais Method, you are likely to find yourself literally reversing the ageing process - or at least slowing up the downward spiral. As a bonus, most of my older students report that it is not only their bodies that benefit from Feldenkrais lessons, but also the functioning of their minds. One of my clients arrived for what was probably her third session, very excited, saying "I can think in straight lines!" She meant, of course, that her thought processes had become clearer. This happens as a result of developing self-awareness, which tends to arouse a certain curiosity to learn and discover new things: Other benefits that people have noticed include improved sleeping patterns, reduced levels of anxiety, and beneficial effects on depression.

In my experience therefore, Awareness Through Movement lessons provide the best antidote to ageing when done on a fairly regular basis; and individual Functional Integration lessons can effectively target any specific age related issues.

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