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How Does it Work?

The main tools we use in Feldenkrais are awareness and movement. Learning to be aware of how you do everyday movements helps we do everyday movements helps us move more efficiently, become more flexible and have more strength and stamina. Through either Awareness Through Movement© or 'Functional Integration©' lessons, old aches and pains can disappear, people often feel more coordinated and graceful. Usually this contributes to an increased general sense of well-being. People often also experience their thought processes becoming clearer to the extent that they are able to make decisions more effectively and that they rise to the challenges that life brings more easily and positively.



Awareness Through Movement lessons

Awareness Through Movement lessons are for groups of people, we offer weekly classes and regular workshops.


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Individual lessons in Functional Integration

Individual lessons in Functional Integration are for specific issues or long-standing problems or for those who simply prefer working one-to-one.


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Getting Started - Individual or Group Lessons?

We will normally discuss this prior to a first visit. There are no hard and fast rules. Most people know which means they are drawn to, and we usually start there, initially a 'try it and see' basis. A good general 'rule of thumb' is to think in terms of three to six individual sessions or classes, and ultimately a combined exposure to both usually provides the best results, so these would then be followed by a few of the other.

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