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picture of Moshe's handwriting saying 'Movement is Life, without movement life is unthinkable'


New! September 4-6 2020

Advanced Training with David Zemach-Bersin

for Feldenkrais Practitioners: please click>


Covid-19: Saturday 21 June 2020 update:

Weekly Classes continue Live Online You can drop in or sign up for a month and the sliding scale fee remains available so basically, you choose your own level of pament. Recordings are usually available as well.

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 "I have found the classes have been very supportive and yes given me structure also but have managed to keep me more balanced. There have been so many difficult days and the classes have helped me drop into myself and out of the madness!! The impact on my nervous system has been something I have longed for!!" T.HP



Individual sessions: Phase III of Lockdown easing is scheduled for 4 July so I hope to be open for Functional Integration hands-on sessions from 15 July. Bookings are subject to strict signed protocol. Online sessions continue to be available and recommended where possible - either individually tailored Awareness Through Movement lessons or Somatic Counselling sessions - which differ from any other kind of Counselling as they are primarily focused on the body and felt sense and effective in iilluminating psychological and physiological patterns that underly postural and movement issues.

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"Thank you for today's class - I've been drawn to working with you for many months but live too far away and often work in London so it's always been too difficult to attend. Since todays class I have felt much taller and looser in my neck and shoulders - wonderful for me as this is where I hold on tight! I have also felt much calmer just being in the open honest envirnment you hold, albeit online and brief".


Talks/Events - Online

if you belong to a club/organisation and you feel other people could benefit from knowing about Feldenkrais, or about Somatics, I give mini-workshops/talks for a reasonable fee - please get in touch! contact>



The Feldenkrais Method® - videos with Nikhila

A typical 'Awareness Through Movement' lesson (filmed in 2006):>


Sample one to one 'Functional Integration':







National Feldenkrais Awareness Week

- 6-13 May each year -


Or find out about Awareness Through Movement>



Listen to 'the master's voice' - Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais - explain why
we do 1-1 Functional Integration, and what's different with and why we
do the groupwork, Awareness Through Movement:>

or read

more about Functional Integration>

thanks to Buffy Owens, Feldenkrais Practitioner USA


If you are doing these recorded lessons without prior experience: One important tip: 'Do not do anything that hurts' - is basic guidance for every Feldenkrais lesson. If pain persists seek medical advice. These lessons are not a substitute for medical advice given by your doctor.



"I can feel my WHOLE back now, and how it moves! its' such a joy!" Miriam

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Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.

By emailing us you can have your personal information corrected or removed from our records.

This website links to other sites - we aim to link only to sites that will respect your privacy.

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What's On Next from


Weekly ATM classes - currently running ONLINE

Thurs evenings 5.45-7.00


Saturday mornings 9.30-11.00

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Next Workshops: Online -

The Eyes and Movement

8 & 15 July

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Individual Feldenkrais and Somatic counselling sessions

Wednesdays &Thursdays

initially and when demand requires, Tuesdays as well.


Online via Skype/Zoom/Phone

All sessions offered with sliding scale fee.

In Person sessions take place in Dartington.


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Customer testimonials
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"I am finding the work deeply interesting on all levels - physical, emotional and mental. And, very relaxing. I experience Feldenkrais as a way of 'moving beyond', of 'unlimiting the limited self' - Exploring my mind body connections at the gentle pace of weekly classes I find that the lessons continue a path of mindfulness that I trust.  My nervous system has learned to relax and let me take risks.  The ground becomes safe. " Sarah C


"Classes with you teaching have been a constant support to my life. They energise me in very subtle (and not so subtle!) ways - and enhance and help me maintain flexibility in mind and body. Often challenging, somehow the classes and your constant reassuring, gentle-but-firm, presence help reassure me that the world is OK! Rose B.


Since taking your classes and workshops I’m far more relaxed in my approach to any physical effort and! I’ve not need to go see an osteopath in nearly 2 years now after a history of regular treatments (((((-:  Muriel S.


"I look back over almost 12 years (eek!) since we met in your lovely garden studio and it's hard to believe how far I have progressed in spite of years of growing older! I enjoy taking lessons as a practice of staying present to the voice and what I can feel - all quite new. And now my husband is benefitting so much as well. Thank you!" J.A.

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